Dear Santa,

I have loved you all of my entire life. I noticed during all the years of writing to you that you blessed me with some of the toys I wanted and some toys I didn’t ask for. But, your heart was still good in making sure that I did get a few presents during Christmas during my life as a little girl to being an adult.

So, Santa I am writing a different type of list of things I want this year and in hopes towards the New Year of 2014.

1. I want a job. At this point of I have become frustrated. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a notice in a store window that they are hiring, I’ve filled out an application and then I don’t hear from anyone. Probably because they want to hire someone much younger to work for them. I do know there shouldn’t be age discrimination. But, that is something I can’t prove. I have gone to job fair after job fair talking with potential employers in hopes of getting an interview in their companies. But, what I have learned in these so-called job fairs is that the people who are promoting these hiring positions aren’t the actual people who have held those positions. So, they take my resume and will speak with me but they aren’t sure if I can do the job or not, because they don’t know what to look for in the ideal candidate. I am not blaming those people for doing the promotion in trying to fill those positions, but to me it’s a waste of my time. I dress in the right interview clothing and I have re-done my resume a dozen times. I am a member of Monster. com,,,,, etc… I have even applied for the 55 and Over program. I phoned the lady in the letter and she asked me a few questions over the phone and for me to email my resume. Well, Santa I did hear from the lady after two weeks of sending my resume to her. But, its not guaranteed that I will have a permanent job, its more like a temporary agency for seniors that are 55 and over. I have to admit that has in the past has given me calls but, I don’t have the necessary transportation to make those interviews. Most of jobs are located either in Reston, VA or Chantilly VA which requires for someone to have a car.

2. The positions I am looking for is: IT Specialist, Administrative Assistant, Information Systems, Help Desk, or Customer Service. Santa, I do not hold any of the required certifications in my field. Once
I get a living wage job in the above positions I can buckle down and study for a certification. Certifications classes are very expensive and as a Street Sense Vendor my salary can’t pay for the classes.

So, Santa do you think you can help me with this request.

Love you always Santa

Aida Basnight

P.S. I prefer to find work in Washington, DC and I heard as a little girl how Santa and God live next door to each other so, do you think you can speed up my request.