Washington Examiner

We must say “Yes We Can!” like Michelle Obama and let America know. President Barack Obama is one of the best presidents we have had and who I feel should be re-elected for a second term. Obama has had good conduct and good manners on making decisions for this country.

Let us allow him another go around. He’s trying to do the best he can for America. Mitt Romney wants the term and the votes. He wants Obama out so he can run. Let us not allow this. Let’s be strong for Obama.

He deserves another chance to lead the way. Let us get our votes in for reelection. Let’s keep the polls going. He’s our goal and our best-running man who helped America in a very powerful way with issues such as unemployment, food stamps, welfare, and helping our U.S. troops.

Let’s keep him in office. He deserves to be re-elected again.