Photo of Sybil getting injected with a vaccine by a technician
Sybil Taylor getting vaccinated on June 30, 2021. Photo courtesy of Sybil Taylor

I just got my vaccine shot today. I am happy that I did it to keep me safe and others safe and protected, because I care. To everybody who is fearful of the shot — or just needles in general — it is very simple and easy. 

I was very nervous and scared, with so many people saying “Don’t get it, you don’t know what’s in it, people can die from it.” I listened to all that, but it’s not true. The vaccine keeps you safe by fighting off Covid-19 germs that are in the air we breathe. Just last year, millions of people died all over the world. Each day was so sad, and we’re lucky to have a vaccine that can keep us from the same fate.

Now that we have Joe Biden as our president, he also advises us all to please get vaccinated. Since he took office, the vaccine has been working. Very few vaccinated people have died from Covid-19, and we are returning to a world free of masks. 

After getting the vaccine, I feel great. I had no allergic reactions, just a sore arm for one day, and I was able to follow my normal routine, doing things I normally do. Don’t believe the hype about a few people who have died — many people have underlying conditions and would have died anyway. Meanwhile, the virus has gotten more contagious. The more you put it off, the more likely you are to contract Covid-19 and be hospitalized and die.

Please, America, get the vaccine. It works. It is saving your life as well as the lives of others out there. A lot of places are offering gift cards, food, gas money, and lots of nice things in order to encourage people to get vaccinated so we don’t go through last year’s strategy again. Please do the right thing America, we can all be mask free again, it feels good. Please talk it over with a doctor or friend. You will be safe.

Sybil Taylor is an artist and vendor with Street Sense Media.