Photo of a roadsign indicating the road splits into two different paths
Photo courtesy of Robert Couse-Baker / flickr

Friends are the most important necessity in life. 

You cannot evolve or get ahead in life without them. A true friend is one you can count on in times of need or trouble. Having friends gives you the balance you need to move ahead in life and open doors of opportunity. 

I got a true friend, close friend, who served in the Marine Corps for life. And I lost contact with him. His name is James McCoy and I believe he was a sergeant or lieutenant in the Marine Corps.

I met James McCoy in high school at Oxon Hill Senior High, Oxon Hill, Maryland, where he graduated and went into the Marines. I last seen him when he came home on leave in Clinton Maryland to my mom’s house. That was the last time I saw him. It was 1991. I really miss him. May peace and blessing be with him.