Ken Martin

It is an honor for me to serve my community in any capacity. It was a pleasure and a privilege to serve in the capacity of outreach worker.

I’m not really up for the door knocking, recruiting, one on one, “make em shamed,” fire and brimstone” work of the eighties. Sounds worse than it was…

I worked to increase voter registration, adult literacy, college enrollment, employment, consumer education, sobriety and other forms of self-improvement. To say these were easy tasks without the benefit of today’s technological advances would be a gross understatement. Alas (I love to use that word), those were less selfish times. Pardon me: I should be more PC and say these days people are consumed with self-interest.

No. That’s not Politically Correct!

It’s true, though not PC.

I digress. An elder’s privilege. The Forum Committee: Julia Zur, Martha Johnson, Rachael Buck, Shira Heard, Laura Mandeville, Elizabeth Gary,Garrett Koller, Nicholas Parrish, Justin Feltman, Kaitlin Estill, Hope Ann, and Sasha Williams are inspiring young citizens who seek to — and actually do — change the world! They post and pin and tweet and link and do stuff that makes networking, social.

More to my understanding, they educate all who will listen by providing quality information about the non-domiciled (PC for homeless) from unimpeachable sources. This committee, consisting of members as intelligent as their guests and as humble as the target population they voluntarily assist, does a lot and asks very little.

Following each forum the audience is asked to commit to an action by posting their name tags to involvement boards.

How many actually follow through, I do not know. What I do know is that Lessons of Hope are given to the audience. As are handouts, solutions, communicative network, service opportunities, qualified mentorship and motivation to contribute.

I know because I attended one forum and have been with them ever since!