A go-go legend lost, but never forgotten. His memory will last forever and ever. Chuck has left us forever in sorrow, mourning, hurt. He is gone on to be with the Lord; he’s finally at rest, peace, and in good health. No more sickness, no more pain, no more hospital. The Lord has taken on one of our legends. He kept us laughing and going to shows. He kept go-go alive.

He was one of the best godfathers of go-go music. He was a survivor as he would say, “Sure ya right, wind me up Chuck. Don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that gogo swing.”

I’ve been a fan of Chuck since back in 1978 when he did “Bustin’ Loose” and other songs. I met Chuck when I used to do hotel work. We took pictures together. When I heard Chuck had passed, I was shocked. I cried and cried. I went to Chuck’s viewing at the Howard Theatre where he was beautifully laying in state. He was at rest. Everyone in thousands came out to see him. I saw Chuck like he was asleep.

No more worrying, Chuck, you’re not hurting anymore. I spoke in silence to him.

I was featured in the Washington Post Metro. I also went to his funeral. It was beautiful and nice. They played all his go-go songs and spoke well of him. I used to go to his shows back in the day.

Chuck, I do miss you. You are to be with your heavenly Father as you enter the golden gates to Heaven where other soul legends have arrived. You will rock the House of Heaven with your go-go. You’re at peace. You can play forever and ever.

Chuck, tell us don’t worry about me, I’ll see you when I get there. Sure ya right.