Marijuana leaves sitting in a bundle of plants.
Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

How can weed be legal in Washington, D.C., but there is nowhere to buy it? The only way most people who smoke weed can get it is on the black market. So now we’re being set up to catch a case for buying what is supposed to be legal.

I can’t understand why the mayor would set the working class up for failure in this way. But what’s alarming is this sets a lot of people up for danger by having to go to places they would never have gone before weed was legal. They’re being set up to be robbed or even killed trying to just get a jay to smoke.

Please help me to understand why the government would do this to their citizens. I know for a fact how this can put people in jeopardy to find themselves in jail just to have a good time. That can end up being the worst thing that could happen and make their lives end up never being the same.

Something must be done about this and soon. Before people end up losing their jobs or their lives. Or before they catch a case and get locked up, which would be the worst thing for them. Getting a job would become very, very hard because they will have a big strike against them. And all because the mayor made weed legal.

Why would the government set us up this way?


Dan Hooks is a vendor and artist for Street Sense Media.