A landmark is a location, either material or man-made that is used for navigation. Some famous ones are the Taj Mahal, the pyramids, and Stonehenge. Others in this country include Cape Royal and Angels Window in the Grand Canyon.

There are many landmarks here in Washington, D.C. Some are mostly natural like Meridian Hill Park, unofficially known as Malcolm X. Park. The Sheraton Park Hotel is another landmark, now mostly torn down. A part is still standing, and is a home for senior citizens. Most of the government buildings and monuments also fall in this category.

In downtown Washington, D.C. many buildings have become landmarks, such as the old Hecht Company building.  Hahn shoe store too,  vacant at  12th and G Street. Women bought shoes there back in the 1950’s – it closed several years ago.  Other buildings in the area include the old Woodward and Lothrop building at 11th and S Street,  the old Lansburgh building right across the street and the old public library at 9th and I Street, Northwest.

The operative word about these places seems to be either old or prominent.  Landmarks not only help in giving directions: many also, evoke memories, either good or bad, and give us an emotional connection to them.