It’s the end of the summer. While enjoying the hot long summer, we fall from mid-summer into mid-fall. Back to our sweaters, pants, jackets and hats.

Leaves begin to turn colors and fall from the trees. Here comes crisp cool weather. As Labor Day ends in a farewell way.

Put away all your summer clothing. But not before you enjoy an end of summer barbecue, grilling hot dogs, hamburgers, corn, and steaks, followed by ice cream cones, popsicles, watermelon, ice water, and salads.

Enjoy sitting at a park, or just at home with your pets – letting them run around. Have fun, at the pool, or near the air conditioner or fan.

Well its back to school for the kids, from kindergarten to college. Summer camp is over. So I hope you enjoyed some amusement park rides or a trip to the zoo.

Enjoy, and have a safe Labor Day!