When I wake up in the morning, I always give God thanks for another beautiful day of my life and my loving family, for whom I dearly care.  But as my heart always says, it is not about how much you give, it’s about what you give.

So always think “anything beats a zero”. Every day, all day I am always thankful.  When I start my day with my Street Sense papers, my first thought is faith and family, because family follows just like Street Sense.  I try my best to always think of Street Sense as one big, happy family.  When I first started with Street Sense I just didn’t think about myself. I thought about others too, because that is what life is all about.  When Andre brought me into this organization, I told others about Street Sense. So, people, as you go on with your life, always keep family in your heart, because God loves you. Remember, we are his family, too.

My family still tries to stay together no matter how tough it gets, because our parents left us with that gift. May they rest in peace. So, Street Sense family – let’s try to keep together and work as a family, because times are getting very tough out there. So, as I speak, stay strong, keep the faith.

May God bless us all!