Yellow brick road

My yellow brick road,
corroded with dying trees and leaves
Fresh green grass faded fast,
now sprouts ugly weeds

Here stands a lonely dusty road,
as I wander along
With little hope to go,
staying focused on whatever strength I have left

Disappearing and reappearing mirages of palm trees,
tasty wine with someone beautiful so fine
Along came a breeze,
with a scent that would bring life to any dying breed

Now look at my road,
bright yellow gold
Fresh green grass – trees deeply rooted,
thick branches – colored leaves

What a wind, what a breeze,
as I continue my stroll
A leaf lightly blows,
I spot a rose

That rose formed a pose,
as she stood fresh and long to behold
Heart pure as gold,
(wow) I smile

(She’s beautiful) I replied
She replied (are you surprised?)

I was attracted to the love and hope you have burning deep inside,
that’s how I found my way
Blowing through your road,
which brought life to a dying soul.

(Just my imagination)