Photo of a shadow of a young boy reading a book
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Just a little boy homeless as can be,  

running the streets of Washington D.C. 

known time for school no time to learn his 123 or ABC’s,  

looking for his daddy homeless were can he be,  

open your eyes to the faces we don’t like to see,  

the face of a child, homeless as can be,  

out in the street looking for something to eat, tiny teenagers, schools not for me  

I have to help my mommy as homeless as can be,  

Oh! little girl why can’t you learn your ABC’s , her answer maybe my mommy and daddy  

don’t live with me, my mommy and daddy live in the streets,  

I think about them and were can they be, no time to sleep  

How can I learn my ABC’s, the homeless have children the faces you never really  

see, the faces of the homeless. In Washington D.C.  

Just a little person smart as can be at the top of their class in school you see 

living in a shelter with mommy and daddy  

that’s something to see and their only prayer for a home  

where they can be a family. The faces of the homeless you never really see.  

Living in a shelter and on the streets. In this great city Washington D.C.  

Robert is also a part of Peoples Fairness Coalition. Contact: [email protected]