A bartering song
(“what should I barter?”)

  • Light for Darkness,
  • Darkness for Light?
  • Sadness for Joy?
  • Plenty for Penury
  • Prana for Profligacy –
    Is that what’s Right?
  • Crystals for pot shards, acres for nooks.
  • Ignorance for wisdom: Flames for books?
    Then let us honor: Sidney, Glynn, and
    Bert Williams, Redd Foxx, Sid Caesar,
    all Hail!
  • So, acting is deemed art
    A balm of sweet reason
    So I’ll make my mark –
    My yawp of new
    Tis’ a Bartering song,
    Taste of Freedom as with
    Bookman’s pride.
    Time, than, let’s move up –
    And Alive!