We have enjoyed the Indian Summer
And nice warm weather, to catch up
On all the things we didn’t do
During the summer, Barbecuing,
Traveling, enjoying walks, going to
The parks, doing everything
You couldn’t do during the
hot weather.
Then, turn of the season
Winter is arriving; a time to pull
Out those winter coats, jackets, sweaters gloves, scarves, boots, socks and thermos.
Start getting the fire place lit again.
Turning on the furnace for heat. Toasting the marshmallows on an open fire.
Taking brisk walks in the park. All the leaves
Falling from the trees on a bright autumn day.
Keeping warm and toasty. Little snow flurries now and then.
We never know what to expect
In the days to come. The big joy of surprise is in the weather.
Enjoy the season and be happy.