picture of a Street Sense vendor selling the newspaper
Jenny Gudmundsen

From the beginning of civilization, there has always been a search for happiness. Some have figured out the link between happiness and success, some are still searching – or in better terms, still in the hunt for it. Some may even think there may be a great job, or some great mate or lover than can really make us happier than life itself. But these are merely excuses we use as scapegoats to explain why we can’t be happy.

At the end of the day, it is you that makes you happy. No one else can make you happy. No one else can force happiness upon you if you decide you don’t want it. So, happiness comes down to making a real decision to become happy for the sake of yourself. Trusting in outside influence can give you a boost, but it also has a downside to relying on outside factors.

This can mean the difference between living life versus death. So dig in your heart and bring it up and out of yourself, because that’s really where happiness is: in your heart. For those people who are always hearing, “Why you don’t have a real job?”… this is for you.

I love selling Street Sense. It fulfills me mentally and physically and keeps my bills paid. Moreover, I love what I do. Now, the question is…do you?