a photo of a coexist
Daniele Muscetta/Flickr

I’m not a warmonger, however I’m no peacenik or dove. When you see the events that are going on in the Middle East, with the indiscriminate killing of Christians, it makes you question the concept of internationalism, multiculturalism and political correctness.

Multiculturalism, the belief that all cultures can coexist,  was perceived to be the answer to social conflicts around the globe. As we see what’s going on in the Ukraine, along with the rise of far-right extremists such as Geert Wilders in Holland and Marine Le Pen in France as well as the sectarian conflicts in the Middle East and Africa it’s obvious people don’t want to coexist with each other.  What they want is their own tribes,cultures and identities.

The reason why religions such as Christianity and Islam are different than ideologies such as liberalism and humanitarianism is that  religion makes distinctions between good and evil while the egalitarian ideologies are utopian in their belief that evil can coexist with good.

Still, distinctions must be made between those who are wicked and those who are barbaric. Bullies are not barbarians, they’re basically cowards that repress weaker people until they rise up and fight back.

I consider Vladimir Putin a bully. Bullies  run roughshod over people who are unwilling to confront them. Although Putin acts irrationally and aggressively, there is a method to his madness. Like a master chess player, he attacks when he sees weakness and he sees President Obama as weak. With people such as Putin it’s foolhardy to negotiate or persuade: he sees reason as a sign of weakness . Bullies such as Putin understand one language; a busted lip or a black eye.

Putin has been playing President Obama and NATO for what they are; chumps!  He is exposing them as an elitist group of internationalists that have zero influence in stopping or protecting the world from dictators and tyrants. Although Putin is terrible he can be manhandled by being  unpredictable, reckless and willing to drop the bomb if need be. Tyrants didn’t mess with President Ronald Reagan because they thought he was crazy enough to drop a nuclear  bomb on them.

The reason why it appears tyrants are running wild is because they see Obama as soft and reluctant to pull the trigger and unleash the greatest military in the world.

While I believe Putin can be handled with a pimp slap,  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi  the leader of (ISIS) Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and his group of thugs, need to be targeted for extinction. They are the greatest threat to world stability since Hitler.

Make no mistake President Obama has more than his legacy on the line. He only has two options;  bomb them while they’re a loose group of jihadists or deal with them when they have controlled the Middle East and infected the region with their brand of jihadi justice.

Their vision is apocalyptic; they want to annihilate all things Western and a return to a civilization where the Caliph reigns supreme. What these jihadists want is not coexistence, a homeland or Islamic state. They have declared war on not only the Great Infidels of the west  but also have rejected all things western.

Jihadists believe civilization is in decline because of Western influence. They believe they are fulfilling a prophecy when they execute Christians and behead American journalists. They believe they are righting the wrongs of history. they believe to regain their glory , Muslims need to return to prophet Muhammad’s original vision of a unified political community centered around the ethnic Arabs who originally founded it. That is known as the Caliphate.

To fulfill this this apocalyptic viewpoint of Islam,  they believe all Muslims should join together either by conversion or force. They believe Sharia law needs to be followed in its entirety and all non believers as well as dissenters should be exterminated .

This conversation is  unpleasant and calls for military action will offend people.  However,  Americans  needs to get out of their trance and wake up! Sides have to be chosen, like it or not they have declared war on us.