Illustration of President Trump
President Trump. Image by BarBus // Pixabay

This piece is in response to Street Sense Media vendor and opinion writer Jeffery McNeil’s piece in the last issue. In that piece McNeil made several assertions that I feel need rebuttal.   

First of all, the title of that piece, “The more the liberal establishment hates Trump, the more popular he gets,” is a whopper of a lie right off the break. Now, I don’t mean to accuse Mr. McNeil of intentionally lying, but there simply is no evidence that statement is even remotely true. In fact, since the impeachment inquiry was announced in September, support for impeachment and removal from office has steadily risen in nearly every poll. So, no, the assertion in the title is just plain false. 

Second, comparing any political writer to a doctor is laughable if not offensive to the medical profession.  

Third, as to McNeil’s prediction that Trump would win in 2016, that does not make him some great political prognosticator; that is unless he anticipated Russian interference having an effect on the outcome, which he did not. The GOP, with the help of the Russians, knew just how to manipulate the archaic electoral college for a win. As the popular vote total showed, the majority of the electorate saw Trump for what he was: a con man who didn’t pay his bills. Most of us knew the coal jobs weren’t coming back. Most of us knew he would enact racist immigration policy. Basically, those of us who were paying attention and knew who Trump was from decades back knew he would be a horrible president who would serve only his own self-interest.  

As for identity politics? Trump is a blatant racist. McNeil, as an African-American, should be able to see that and reject Trump on that basis alone. I as a gay man sure as hell do. Trump doesn’t have my interests in mind, nor McNeil’s nor any Street Sense vendor for that matter. If you’re not already rich, straight, and white, oh well, it sucks to be you. 

McNeil feels Trump has been a very good president due to the economy and no major terrorist attacks. The economy was inherited from Obama and there is plenty of talk about an upcoming recession helped along by Trump’s ridiculous trade wars. Many small Wisconsin dairy farms have already gone under. No major terrorist attacks? Define major for the victims’ families of Dayton and El Paso and other cities. Babies in cages and children ripped from their parents’ arms? Lying all day and all night? Self enrichment on the taxpayer dime? A total embarrassment on the world stage? If this is what a very good president looks like then this makes Obama look like Jesus Christ himself.  

Obama, now that was a very good president. Not perfect, but hands down one of the best in our nation’s history. Trump is one of the worst. 

Jeff Taylor is a Street Sense Media vendor.