artverau / pixabay

To begin with, what is homelessness? It is a lack of a supervised public or private facility that provides temporary living. It can also mean having no home or permanent place of residence. If your name is not on a fixed lease, then you are considered homeless.

My sentiments concerning how to end homelessness are of ill repute. With that being said, it has been spoken in the annals of life that the poor will always be with us until the end of time, as we humans know it to be.

Then there is another take concerning this thing called homelessness. To my knowledge there is a group of individuals who have chosen this state of being as a way of life for one reason or other. Some of us have decided to give up on normal living, so to speak, in favor of the easier safer path, which has no set rules or boundaries or guidelines.

Then there are those of us who are caught-up, tied-up, tangled-up, bound and totally given up. They are just stuck for reasons that are no secret to our society: life-controlling issues with situations or substances. There are circumstances we have chosen to evade and not seriously deal with and confront.

Then there are those who do have the mental capacity to deal with life on life’s terms and have not sought assistance or have refused help with their situation. Consequently, they stay stuck. Stuck in that vicious cycle of life. So the remedy for homelessness is not and will never be black and white.

At the end of it all, many of us will recover and some of us will not. It’s a choice.

In closing, how can we end homelessness? Stay homeless and get a rest! Seriously speaking though, we are working daily to alleviate this condition. It’s really an inside job. Don’t take it personal, at the end of the day it’s entirely up to the individual. You have to want your independence. Keep the dream alive.