As the Child of Life of Light battles the evil of Isotopia, the child’s given powers come unlimited from the one God himself: a gift to show the love that God has for Isotopia. The Child strikes at the confused minds, unforgiving and repenting souls, and misguided hearts. The evil of Isotopia puts up a good fight. As Josh and his family, and the Circle, and all the good people watch on as the Child of Life of Light shows its given powers.

Thundering winds and clouds of gray surround the Child as he battles the evil of one city strung on hope. The stubborn evil (Isotopia) fuels the unseen demon of Self and gins of Ignorance. The evil
tries all its tricks, but nothing penetrates the Child’s special powers. His powers show the favor the one God has for a forsaken city like Isotopia.

The Child seems to age with each battle against the evil of Isotopia. These jinns and demons are Isotopia in its truest form. This city, soon to be cleansed of its evil and misguidance, is a beautiful sight for Josh and his family to see. The Child is growing as his powers assist a city on the verge of destruction. He is blessed by the one God himself – as is Josh, his family, and the whole city of Isotopia.

Shadows spew out of the people: demons expunged from their bodies. Hate and all types of evil attack the Child. Skies darken, clouds turn gray, thunder sounds between Maliki and the forsaken city as good clashing against evil. The Child is too gifted to be harmed by any evil the city can muster. As thunder rages and lightning flashes, the sky rains untold truth. Josh and his family watch and listen as the gifted Child shatters lies and demolishes deceit. Everyone is protected as the Child fights on, all evil expelled from them.

“All evil, all the lies that have been told to God’s people, is no more!” Maliki, God-gifted Child, yells out, “I am sent here from the one God himself to save those who prayed for saving. God has
heard your prayers. God has heard your cries. I am here!”

“Wow, Melissa! We haven’t heard Maliki speak a word the whole seven years he’s been with us,” Josh says.

“The people of Isotopia will be left with nothing but goodness, kindness, and love in their hearts,” proclaims the Child.

The battle continues, vanquishing the evil that rules the city. Josh sees, and believes in, the Child and the one God. He looks on with Melissa and the kids. “I never thought I’d see the day Isotopia was cured,” say Josh and Melissa in unison. They hug each other and share a passionate kiss as the kids watch with excitement.

As the battle continues, the Child of Life of Light ages with every strike against evil. In each fight, Maliki’s powers prove to be incredible, unbelievable to Josh and his entourage. Maliki changes into something stronger than any human. Mankind does not possess this type of power.

“Wow, Melissa! Do you see what I see? The Child is aging as he fights,” says Josh. “His hair is longer. His body is growing, he’s getting more powerful as he fights, Melissa.”

“I see what you see, honey,” replies Melissa.

“God is most wonderful!” Josh and Melissa yell out – along with the kids, the Circle and all that is good. The one God and the Child hear their hope for Isotopia.

(to be continued)