Ernie Smith

With the whole city of Isotopia in a peaceful trance, the Child of Life of Light grows as his powers progress. The child is blessed by the one true God, as is Josh, his family and the whole city of Isotopia.

As the gifted child battles the evil of Isotopia and its demons of lies and deceit, all kinds of evil attack the child – but damage him not. Thunder, gray clouds, and flashes of light rain goodness on Isotopia and destroy its evil. The children of Isotopia will soon be free from their transformation, to do nothing but good, kindness and love.

Josh, the kids, Melissa, the Secret Circle of Love and the whole city look on, having believed they would never see this day. The day the evil that ruled Isotopia for so long vanished.

“At last!” Josh and Melissa scream in unison.

“The cure for Isotopia is here,” says Josh.

As he watches the child do his work, Josh knows mankind does not possess the type of power this child shows. God is most wonderful. Josh is finally feeling like a human being. He photographs this image in his mind so that the feeling can last forever.

“God is most wonderful!” yell out the kids.

Josh and his family watch the battle from behind a protective forcefield created by the gifted child. There’s one evil djinn that possesses certain types of souls of the city of Isotopia. This djinn is call Starticus, and he is a djinn of hatred. He throws all types of hatred at the
Child of Life of Light, but it phases the child none.

The gifted child sends back at Starticus thunderbolts of love, sent directly from the one God himself. Bolts of special prayers and chants of truth beyond truth. As the hate and lies fade into sparkling fragments of 40,000 flakes falling out of the sky, songs of love can be heard throughout the whole city of Isotopia.

Melissa, Josh, everyone feels a tingling inside.

The kids yell out “Mom, Dad – what is that?.”

“That’s the love God has for his people of Isotopia,” replies Josh.

As they turn their attention back to the battle, lies and evil are still being blasted at the gifted child. The terrible sounds of the unseen evil of Isotopia can be heard for miles and miles.

Earth-shaking thunder lashes back at the lies. The truth untold comes in the form of thunder and lightening, knowledge unlimited. The child ages with each battle. As the child gets older, he grows stronger and stronger. Memories of evil are slowly erased from Josh, Melissa, the kids, and the whole city of Isotopia.

As thunder, lightning, and gray clouds rule the sky, the gifted child battles all that is not right. As evil is thrown at the child, his power increases and he ages. Meliki is now 18 years old. Melissa sees and recognizes the child’s age from Motherly experience.

“10 years in 2 hours, that’s incredible,” observes Melissa.

Anything that’s not right the human-like child destroys for the lie that it is. The child strikes down every lie that’s ever told to the city. As the child ages, as the city is cleansed of all misguidance, all the mean people and all eyes of shame now look upon the people of Isotopia with love and respect. No one is mistreated, no one is misguided, no one is lost, thanks to Meliki. Thanks to the one God who sent Meliki.

As the battle ends, every evil lie has been destroyed and turned into snowflakes of knowledge. Sounds of love exit the beautiful skies above.

The evil has been vanquished from every soul: bad thoughts, bad memories, all gone. No more suffering of the poor. Every single person in the city will no longer rest without a roof over their head. No human being, woman or child, animal, etc, shall go hungry anymore. Physical and spiritual things and wants will be of a positive thought: truth and love. All that was not good, all that was not positive, is no more.

Josh turns to tell Melissa. “I’ve never seen the sky so clear, so bright, in decades. The air is now safe to breathe. The clouds release no more diseases amongst the people of Isotopia. Truth lives here in Isotopia now,” says Josh.

“Okay, now I have nothing to worry about with you and these Isotopia women,” Melissa jokes with Josh.

Josh turns and looks at her with a smile, “You never did honey, you never did.”

The children overhear this and giggle.

The human-like child speaks for the first time. “God has found favor amongst the city, Isotopia is no longer forsaken. The prayers from the little good that was left, the people of Strive 77 Dr, were heard, and I was sent.”

Josh and Melissa listen with tingling in their heart and Josh yells out “Meliki, what is that feeling?!”

“God. God’s love. The love he has for your city and your people,” answers the child.

As Meliki disappears into the sky, the sun rises, brightens, and the gray clouds fade away. Suddenly you can hear laughter of children, chirping of birds, sounds of animals… clouds start to bloom and the sun shines bright. Decades and decades Josh and Melissa have waited to see this day, for their sake and for their children.

Everyone in Isotopia now lives a normal life and at night the stars shine bright blue. A tone of love can be heard in the air and the seasons come with love, no harsh weather. All the children, all the people are no longer in a trance. Everyone awakened to a brand new city. Bubble-eyed, everyone looks at a city redecorated by the hands of the one God himself.

The force field that protected everyone that tried hard to protect the city of Isotopia from evil is no longer needed.

Memories of bad thoughts, sad memories, fornication, deceit, are no more. It is safe. Safe. (Isotopia)

All hearts are pure of evil. Wives and husbands are faithful to each other. Peace is amongst the people of Isotopia now, family and friends. Flowers, trees, animals, birds, all are beautiful throughout the land of Isotopia. Strive 77 Drive E now lives in peace, love and happiness. thanks to the one God himself and the human-like child, Meliki.

The End.