Ernie Smith

The Life of Light, the goodness has been revealed. Isotopia was a city full of corruption, lies and hatred. The poor people of Isotopia suffered horribly while others judged them, turned their head, and ignored their cries for help. The laws were unfair to the poor people and marriages were unfaithful. No one believed in God anymore except for the residents of a very small neighborhood: Strive 77 Dr. E. This particular family, Josh, Melissa, their kids, and the Secret Circle of Love chose to play a major part in the cleanup of Isotopia. Because of the extreme, sincere prayers of Josh and Melissa, God chose their family for a special job. And so Josh found the Child of Life of Light: Meliki. The child was an angel sent by the one God himself, prayed for by the people of Isotopia. Their prayers were heard as God took favor upon this city. Once the angel revealed himself, he swore to cleanse the city of Isotopia and save the good hearted people that rest at Strive 77 Dr. This story proves that every prayer, every sincere thought, is being heard by God or whatever force of good that you believe in. Josh and Melissa had faith. This story teaches faith. This story shows strong belief. So whatever greater being you choose to believe in: faith is all you need. (Isotopia)