Gwynette Smith

Although I am not a Catholic, I was interested in Pope Francis when he recently visited the United States, including Washington D.C. As a priest, this son of Italian immigrants to Buenos Aires made his reputation as a person who supported the poor. He is also characterized as down-to-earth.

I took take some pictures of people waiting to see his motorcade near St. Patrick’s Church. I also went to the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception even though I did not have a ticket. There was an area where people could watch on a large television.  The music at the mass was moving and the people seemed positive. There was a good size crowd, but not as large as at the Cathedral. People sold water, flags, buttons with the pope’s picture, and pictures of the pope. People were also asked to sign up to support the pope in his fight against hunger. Fans were given to those that did. I left before the subway trains became packed and delayed and took my fan with me. The fight is to involve yourself in helping and advocating. I couldn’t get close-ups at St. Patrick’s.  It was too crowded.

Like his namesake St. Francis of Assisi, the pope cares very much about impoverished people and finding ways to help them.

Image of people trying to capture a picture of Pope Francis on their phones.

People attempt to capture an image of Pope Francis on their phones | Photo by Gwynette Smith

Image of truck with graphic images protesting Planned Parenthood.

A truck with graphic images protesting Planned Parenthood moves past spectators | Photo by Gwynette Smith