Photo of the "Endless Bummer" mural in DC. It shows a heavily polluted island full of trash.
Photo courtesy of user theartaroundus via Flickr.

So I think, no, I know folks can get “leading by example” misconstrued, especially if they’re ill-willed anyway in the first place. They’re just sitting back waiting for their opportunity 2 take advantage! When all the time you were just trying 2 set the example for them 2 aspire 2 #huh?

So with their ill will & tainted motivations they’re pulling & tugging against your example when you were simply sacrificing on their behalf & benefit. Which would m ean that their true colors, once revealed, would be unappreciative anyway in the first place! So is it a wasted effort? So are they answering the true calling that you were trying 2 defer them from, being in your business, or is this all operating on another different, higher level of existence & acknowledgement? #ThisisLife! & where does #evolving & #evolution fit in & take place? Again #ThisisLife~


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