July Fourth or You-Lie Fourth

By Michael Craig

The aftermath of the Charleston massacre has switched the focus from the mourning of these American church-going citizens to the relevance and implications of the confederate flag.

The historical relevance of the confederate flag is found in the division of our union and a strange cultural racial pride to maintain the institution of slavery.

However, even though physical slavery has been outlawed, the confederate flag has not.

As we approach July fourth, which was established during slavery times, those who support the flying of this flag must ask them whether this is the celebration of July fourth or you-lie fourth.

Cynthia Mewborn

Illustration by Cynthia Mewborn



Voices of Mother Emanuel: A Vigil

By Chris Shaw

On Independence Day, “Freedom” should particularly represent one’s ability to walk freely, enjoying life – rather than to be cut down by hot bullets of hatred! On Friday June 19, I joined many other Washington’s at the Metropolitan AME Church for a non vigil in reembrace of the 9 victims of the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.

1) I tried to persuade him. “This must not stand”- To no avail’ for he fired the gun into me , anyway.

2) As a minister, I saw he looked to need something to believe. Said I, “Do you know Jesus?” Then the bullets stopped my reaching out…

3) I am a librarian. I felt sorrow for this lost soul. But now, where is the love and understanding?

4) Outside, my mother was waiting for me– When will I again to see her?

5) I have served somehow at this sanctuary over fifty years! Never, were we violated in this way.

6) Have mercy on his tortured soul. However, I am free today.

7) God gave us everything; Satan cannot take it all away in one cruel instant.

8) I just know the Savior will answer these questions, that seem to have no answer.

9) All of my life I studied Scripture. The Lord must have prepared me,then, for this terrible moment!

Angie Whitehurst

Illustration by Angie Whitehurst


Why, As We Cry

By Robert Warren

To ask why is only to begin to cry,

once again for the young and not-too-old

The wise old soul’s wisdom lost another

king to us all – gone before his time

but know that the Lord brought them home to shine

black and white will have their time

For the scales will be fair

peace and forgiveness everywhere

oh a evil seed that what racist ideology bread,

remember Mother Emanuel please and the sound of the gun

NRA says it just for sport and fun

Sandy Hook and our Beautiful kids were done

For few dollars the second amendment says to the crazy among us you can have a gun

politicians should be lined up just for fun

and nobody ask why

why why must the best among us die

now I cry once again

as I listen to broadcaster on Fox News lie

CNN try MSNBC wish for pie in the sky

until the next Fort Hood

it’ll be all good

so why not just cry now

no reason why

as we cry

Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson / @newsillustrator



Photo by Bruce Smith - AP

Photo by Bruce Smith – AP

Illustration by William Robert

Illustration by Robert Williams, reads: “Let us not be pacified being classified as satisfied with the justices of a non-just America”