Many psychiatrists espouse the belief that it would be impossible for a person to be driven crazy. They maintain that insanity is inherited, that the problem is in the DNA.

There is a large building of psychiatrists in downtown DC and many of them may support this notion. Many lawmakers are saying that there needs to be more institutionalizing of people who are mentally ill. Since freedoms could be impacted by this designation, it becomes important to assess the cause and causes of the diagnosis of insanity.

I believe that people should be careful of the stressors around them, such as jobs, home life, community influences and friends. Mental stress can cause depression and mood swings, depending on whether it has been a good day or a bad day. Unhappiness can cause irrational behavior, such as rebellion and the hope that the actions will create happiness, even if it is only temporary. Mood swings could be diagnosed as a manic-depressive illness.

Remember parents who used to say, “That child is driving me crazy?”

It could be true!