For all in need
Only true Christians would know what I mean;
Those who forgive and give the gift of Love and not just things.
They have faith in the word, a mercy from our Lord, you believe
A word that gives true meaning to life.
Every day is Christmas, if you believe.
Thanking the Lord for his word, Christ Jesus.
What Christmas really means
Is to follow his word and love of people, not things.
The true meaning of Christmas
Is to give of yourself to those in need
Of the love the Lord lets us receive.
The true meaning of why we give gifts and not look to any thing,
But the thoughts of our Lord and hope he may be pleased
When night comes and we lay down to sleep
To awake to another day of living.
In need of a true Christmas, for all who believe in the Lord’s word.
He said “be Christ Jesus,”
the true word to follow for all people.
Merry Christmas days for all who believe.