Hernán Piñera/Flickr

I didn’t grow up knowing my father. My mother and my aunt raised me. When I was about to be a young lady, (the year was about 2007), my Aunt Cindy telephoned me and gave me the number for one of my father’s brothers. I called the number and said that I was the daughter of Benny Will. My uncle gave me my father’s telephone number. During our first conversation, my father asked, “Are you really my daughter?” He asked me where I lived and wanted to know so much about me. One day my core agency called and told me I had overdrawn my account (because I had taken too many trips to see my mom). When I told my father that I had overdrawn my account, he started sending me money. We had established a very dear relationship. I just want to say that I miss my father. He died a couple of months ago. I had not seen him since I was a child, but will always love him.