Photo of several police officers around a man standing next to his car. The trunk is popped open.
Ken Martin

This past Sunday I was confronted by a stranger, who at first appeared to be a potential consumer, with money in-hand. Suddenly, he seemed to turn into a terrorist. The fella, Korey D. Gosa, tried to urinate next to my cart as I was attempting to sell my Street Sense paper. I was at my regular vending location, so I was not usurping some else’s spot. The guy seemed to feel insulted when I asserted myself and suggested he move on, at least go down the alley near Dunkin’ Donuts, which was just across the street.  

He then began uttering threats of popping the trunk of his car and getting a gun, because he said, “I don’t fight.” Well, I was only out to sell my papers, not get into a fight with someone because he wanted to disrespect my space. He repeatedly approached me with his hand under his shirt as if to be reaching for a weapon of some sort.  

I got away from him as fast as I could, because I just didn’t want him up on me. I said to myself, “If you’re gonna pretend to have a gun, I gonna pretend to run!” However, that didn’t work as I expected! He started to run after me, trying to intimidate me with more verbal threats of violence. Once I realized we were not going to engage in any fisticuffs, I prepared myself to take a defensive stance. He continued his aggressive movements and backed me into a wall. I thought quickly when he said he had a gun and said, “I got some gun specialists myself.” 

I saw a police patrol car come into view and waved my hand. The police saw us and pulled up. He called for a breakup of this “encounter.” Gosa spouted a string of curses toward the officer, saying he was parked up the block and this was his girlfriend’s car.  

He was quickly overpowered by the officer, who then wanted to know why the trunk was wide open.  The officers interest peaked on the open trunk but then Gosa failed to take the suggestion that he should just leave the neighborhood.  

On searching the car, the officer found a jar of weed, a scale, and other paraphernalia in it.  

I had just got out of the court system, not bothering anyone, just selling my papers when I ran into this guy — or, he ran into me.