I remember romantic love and then I got married.

I remember my romantic love until I compared it to my mother.

I remember my grandmother’s kitchen and some of the best food I had ever eaten.

I remember trusting my mother until she couldn’t get by … to do what the family needed.


I remember kindergarten and sleeping on the bench.

I remember TV and how wonderful the music from Hollywood shows…

I remember my first train trip and my mother forgot my bottle.

I remember believing how I’d be grown-up, and then I grew up.


I remember my grandmother’s beautiful house.

I remember my other grandmother’s beautiful, caring affection.

I remember believing God would solve all my problems.

I remember getting good grades in school, and then I couldn’t.


I remember never wanting to go to boarding school, and especially not to do farm work.

I remember getting the gown I wanted for my senior prom.

I remember my first plane trip and then the engine backfired.

I remember Les Jeunes Hammer and I wanted my future husband to look like some of those guys.

I remember how great I thought it would be to live in D.C.

I remember my father waking me early and telling me to get ready, the trip to D.C. was over.

I remember soap operas, and gratefully having the time I used to give to them.

I remember loving a small time in the… seemed to be to a child. I remember my first love in college.