Illustration by Angie Whitehurst

He heard me rehearse but never heard me in performance. He never really believed in me or in my voice; neither singing or when speaking as an advocate for the community.

I sang for many others in different places, but never for my Dad. Now after 30 years since his passing, I’m coming to terms with this. “It took a minute.” Thirty years of Father’s Days without my Dad. After 20 years of his not listening.

Now that sounds sad, but it’s not. It’s a gift! Revelation and Healing!

Sad is six years of Father’s Days estranged from my children. I want to hear them sing! I long to hear their voices. Nothing would please me more than knowing they want to be heard, that they echo my love of community, of mankind, of God.

I know they didn’t get my singing voice. But they do have my passion for people, for fair play and for equality. They have my love of life and it’s another gift! My children are, and share, a part of me. (even if they are apart from me)

What’s sad is that like me, they will against their wishes be without their Dad this Father’s Day.