An illusration of what appears to be a dreaming man observing a dreamscape.

Can we still dream?
When everything is based on a time, making a dollar?
Can someone holler and say Hallelujah?
Are there still those who dream
After the death of Martin Luther King?
Is the Dream still alive in my daughter’s eyes?
Who does she see when she looks into the mirror?
Is it the one who will give birth to a nation?
Let freedom ring!
I dream of a home for all those they call homeless.
I dream of forgiveness for the sins of man.
I dream of a wife who bows down and prays with
Those who bow down again and again.
I dream of justice denied us.
I dream of no more lies about who we are.
I dream of a human family living as one.
I dream of that peace to come.
When everyone will live praising one.
It’s just a dream,
I dream.