Flickr//Michael Vadon
Flickr//Michael Vadon

Our country is in a crisis morally, spiritually and economically. Before I moved to D.C., I thought of myself as open-minded and progressive. I supported women’s rights and was sympathetic to gays. Ten years ago, I would never have considered Donald Trump, but the Democrats have moved too far left.

What’s being espoused as liberalism isn’t liberalism but a Leviathan from the deep. Once upon a time, people could talk about their disagreements civilly. Liberals don’t stop racism. They make you cheer for people such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, while they go on witch hunts to find racism in every crevice. You will find out they are the most hate-filled, hypocritical people on earth.

Once upon a time I loved being a Democrat, but they went cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. I was born in this country, I fought and risked my life for this country, only to come home and deal with bureaucrats who are unelected officials and accountable to no one. They tell me I need to learn Spanish to get better employment. We are building a Tower of Babel. I was born here, I refuse to speak another language except the language of my country.

Trump isn’t racist, he is right. Illegal immigration makes all immigrants look bad. It’s not about racism; it’s about survival. Whole towns and cities are being decimated by free trade and globalization. What will it take for liberals to realize people no longer see the government as the solution but the problem? People want jobs not health care, minimum wage laws and paid vacations that benefit unions instead of people who need relief.

The reason why Donald Trump is surging is because he doesn’t have experts and handlers. He’s a novice, he’s a quick study and learns as he goes. He doesn’t go by the polls but by the gut. Please, Donald, don’t be like these country club Republicans and these bourgeoisie Democrats. Keep it raw and real, be yourself, and you will get my vote.

Jeffery Mcneil is a frequent writer and columnist for Street Sense.