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I am going through a rough storm in my life where I need support and love and care from others. I am struggling alone with sadness in my heart due to my father’s illness. My mother is having a hard time, as well as my sisters and brother and his wife and the rest of my family members and good friends of my father, who often call him and go visit him at home. At times he is very cheerful and sometimes sad.

Nobody knows my pain
my heart
my struggle
my prayers
my concern
my sadness
my cry for help
my cry to the Lord
my problem at my house

Now with the worst living arrangement, I have my godmother’s niece staying with us. She bullied me, called me all kinds of nasty names, and wants to fight me. I am the only one who gets picked on by this person. I prayed that the Lord will move her out. She has made my life a living hell. I was at peace until she came. I need everyone to pray for peace and for her to move out. I have been very stressed about this.

I cannot do all my normal living arrangements due to this person. I feel imprisoned by a lifeless human being. All my joy and happiness has left me. I am miserable and unhappy. I have no support, help, love, or understanding. Sometimes I cry all day for help. No peace. Why me? I have no desire to do all the things I used to do.

When I visit with my father, I have to see him lying in the bed in a lot of pain. He’s taking morphine, the strongest medicine for pain. I do not like to see him sick. It brings sadness and tears to my eyes. Why my dad? He is a very humble spirit. All day long he hurts. He wants to be his old self again, when he worked outdoors planting a garden and always keeping the grass cut. Keeping the yard looking good. Running errands to the store. Keeping the bills paid. Doing taxes. Making everyone around him feel special. He was the spark and the sunshine and the moon glow and the twinkling stars above. He will be a winner at the end of all his pain. The Lord will see him through all of his suffering. He will be much stronger and happy.

I’ve been very sad but I am glad to know about my healing God and what He can do. I need strength and people to talk to during the struggle in my life. Please understand everyone. I have not been myself because of all this. My father is looking a little better. Please continue to pray for him and his strength and happiness and joy. Remember we have a friend in Jesus.