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Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr

There’s a segment of society that walks around feeling victimized and violated. They view America as a racist imperialist country. You can’t win with that crowd; they have an insatiable need to feel wounded. If you compliment them they will accuse you of harassment, if you slight them they feel aggrieved, if you become annoyed and show anger, they’re convinced you’re an incorrigible racist and they will boycott your business, file lawsuits, or demand you be fired.

A few months ago the ‘Politically Correct” police tried to condemn me because I mockingly joked about gender neutral bathrooms. Although I wasn’t personally attacking transgender people, I was critical about the cause. However, because a few are emotionally invested, they became offended and tried to pick my arguments apart. The LGBTQ community denounced me as if I were a radical Imam delivering an anti-gay message on the streets of Baghdad. They went through all sorts of histrionics showing shock and outrage condemning my remarks as over the top and suggesting my voice be silenced.

I meant no harm by my comments. I’m a devout follower of Christ. I grew up in an era where men and women had no desire to use each other’s restrooms. I didn’t think gender neutral bathrooms would be the next ideological crusade for leftists. I was wrong.

I thought I was tolerant of the same sex lifestyle, but I believe many are narcissists. I don’t care if they get married. However, I have legitimate concerns I’m not comfortable with. I don’t like the fact that gay people link their cause to the Civil Rights Movement. I can’t hide the fact I am black, but gay people can go in the closet to hide their sexual preference. I disapprove of kids being taught that the alternative lifestyle is comparable to traditional sex. Nor do I approve of sharing a locker with Chaz Bono or Caitlyn Jenner.

I’m not anti-gay; I’m just being honest. I have many gay supporters that read my columns. I think Log Cabin Republicans and Gay Libertarians are wonderful. I don’t oppose gay Republicans, what I repudiate are gay activists that want to push their way of life on others. I treat the alternate lifestyle like smoking cigarettes; as long as it’s not blown in my face, I don’t care what you do.

I didn’t feel my viewpoint was out of line. It represents many religious and moral communities. I believe the alternate lifestyle is driven by a few elites in Hollywood and New York who control the media as well as the press. They are trying to indoctrinate children by teaching them that experimenting and engaging in all kinds of sexual mores is natural and progressive.

Because of the oversexed sexual mores of the left, our nation is morally rotting at the seams. We are going to go the way of the Greeks and Romans. The definition of marriage is America’s most pressing issue. Defining marriage is more important than the economy or jobs. This should be debated before Congress, not tried before unelected officials.

The LGBT, Q and whatever alphabet they want to add are as fringe as they get. They don’t speak or represent everyone in the gay community. Their agenda is to shred the Constitution and label anyone that disagrees with them as hate mongers, so they can impose their version of social justice.

That is why we need to end political correctness; it doesn’t encourage conversations, it ends them. The minute you break from liberal orthodoxy, you will encounter all kinds of condemnations, rebuttals and insults.

Political correctness doesn’t eliminate hate; it allows it to go underground. Suppressing someone’s thoughts and behavior creates Dylan Wolf–the man that killed nine people in South Carolina. Had he had a platform to express his vitriol and bigotry, someone could have saved him and maybe prevented innocent people from being murdered.

I have more respect for Ted Cruz or Donald Trump that honestly express their opinions than these milquetoast politicians that don’t take any controversial positions because they don’t want to offend a special interest.

We need to take the gloves off, end political correctness and say what’s on our minds instead of carefully not offending people because we don’t want to be classified as bigots.

We do need to have a raw honest dialog, but it needs to be raw and honest: where someone can say what he really thinks without worrying about being sued or fired because the PC police want to silence those that disagree with them.