Photo of Meghan Mccain standing in front of presidential library.
LBJ library/Flickr

Being a conservative in D.C. Is like being Meghan McCain on The View. I like the fact she doesn’t let the liberals bully and intimidate her. While I wasn’t a fan of her father, John McCain, I feel the frustration of being a conservative in a sea of liberals.  

As Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg continually rant and mock Trump supporters as inbreds and stupid, Meghan tries to explain why people support Trump. She warns the panel if they continue being condescending and elitist snobs, Trump will be reelected in 2020. When she makes a point, they shout her down. The minute she says something positive about the president, she’s accused of defending the patriarchy. She is so savaged by these Leftist thugs, I feel like giving her a hug. 

Although I support Trump, deep down I consider myself more of a country club Republican like Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro or Dennis Prager. Trump wasn’t my ideal choice. I was a John Kasich, Marco Rubio guy. However, Trump has been a godsend for conservative voters. By-the-book judges such as Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, firm belief in the Second Amendment, low taxes and allowing citizens to be free.   

I love the fact he triggers people like Barbra Streisand and Chelsea Handler. I love eating meat and using “offensive” language by saying “Merry Christmas.” 

It infuriates liberals when African Americans, women and minorities go astray and don’t surrender their will to the state. If you don’t mimic the Left-wing talking points about Russia or question the validity of climate change, gender fluidity, open borders, or whatever else you will be ostracized and branded a Nazi.  

As with the “investiture controversy” that set the stage for the Crusades, where reformers tried to increase the power of the church by arguing that it was interwoven in all aspects of human endeavors, today’s Leftists seem to believe the state should be indistinguishable from the private citizen. Liberals believe their ideologues, not commoners, deserve to steer our democracy. 

The Left has decreed Donald Trump is worse than Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Il, or even the Saudi prince who killed and dismembered a journalist. All while the media attacks and says dehumanizing things, while having no respect for the president or the presidency. They declare he’s a dictator. But If he were a dictator, why did we just have a midterm election? Why allow Democrats to gain control of the House? Why have a Supreme Court or a Mueller investigation? 

Liberals are exasperated. The Deep State thought it would have a soft coup, in which Trump resigned. But Americans have accepted Trump as president. They fired all their bullets and all they have is a fake conspiracy story about Russia.   

If Russia meddled in the 2016 election, I don’t get why progressives aren’t mad at Barack Obama. He had the power to stop meddling. He said it was impossible for Russia to rig the election. Why not be angry at the Democratic National Committee, which used straw votes, superdelegates, and rigged debates during the primary? The establishment chose Hillary when Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden may have been better candidates. 

Nobody cares how you feel about Donald Trump. If you want unfriend me, call me a racist or troll me on Facebook, I will hit my friendly block button or put you on mute.