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Street Sense Media has helped me establish a new life and new lifestyle. Prior to me learning about Street Sense Media, I always had a regular job when my health allowed me to. But after 20 years of wear and tear, I decided to take my life back. 

I was initially scared because I had been denied disability after being diagnosed with epilepsy at 17. So, instead of fighting, I got a part-time job and worked despite my disability. I don’t regret my 20 years of work because I learned a lot. But I would have had less stress, which in turn would have caused me less seizures. But I’m still alive, so no complaints. 

In 2013, I was left homeless after moving to Atlanta to create a relationship that I always wanted with my brother and father. My father is a TV repairman and my brother was a drummer for major musicians such as Outkast and other famous groups. I enjoy wiring up houses and sound systems and I love entertaining others making music and videos and entertaining others. So I’m both my brother and my father combined in one. 

I’m thankful for the days we did spend together because my brother passed a few years after I returned to D.C., which hurt me more than most know. I currently accomplish things by using the power and mindset they both wanted but couldn’t get because of bad habits that caused issues with family and friends. My father is a heroin addict and my brother had his own issues that I prefer not to speak on as I say, “Love you and rest in peace, big bruh.”

Once I established a relationship with Street Sense Media, I didn’t take them seriously but left them as an option when I was completely broke and had the courage to go out and sell the paper. A lot of people choose to be homeless and broke because they are embarrassed of their situation and don’t want a low paying job or opportunity. But I am the opposite. And after I established a routine selling the paper, I was in business and used their resources to guide me to a better life…

To be continued.