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I never cared for the morally pious and self-righteous. I’m always suspicious of people that cloak themselves in morality. Usually those that wrap themselves in virtue are the biggest hypocrites. Many people stopped speaking to me because they believed Hillary Clinton was a beacon of virtue while Donald Trump was immoral. I wonder if these people ever become embarrassed by their hypocrisy.

Gov. Robert Bentley (R-Ala.) was one of these virtuous Anti-Trumpers who couldn’t support Trump because he was immoral. Now Bentley has resigned in disgrace because of sexual impropriety.

While I don’t care for self-righteous liberals, I’ve become alarmed by the water carriers for President Trump. When I supported Trump, I was under no illusion he couldn’t betray us. What sealed the deal for me was the moral absolutism of the left. There was no nuance or complexity with them. If Democrats made any attempt to reach out to disgruntled voters maybe the outcome would have been different, but instead of being humble they still demonized and demeaned and wondered why no one supported them.

But I don’t know how the Republicans have gone from the party of Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan to the party of Ann Coulter and Alex Jones. The far right is just as crazy and dogmatic as the far left. If you don’t with agree with them on everything then you’re a globalist shill working for the Deep State. The reason why the right and left hate each other is because they’re two sides of the same coin. They’re only interested in power maintenance and control. No one’s ever pure enough. As long as you allow them to indoctrinate you with their conspiratorial nonsense you’re okay, but the minute you start critically thinking and seeing the truth they will despise you until the day you die.

Anyone who thinks there’s a difference between the far right and far left can’t be taken seriously because neither side takes you seriously. Both want power, not what’s good for society. Both have evil in their hearts. Although I soured on some Trump supporters, I still believe President Trump is a patriot. Although I detest conservative dogmatism, I still think collectivist and statist ideologies are a greater danger to our republic. It’s easier to identify racists than leftists and communists — at least the racists don’t hide their contempt for poor people and minorities. Liberals are deceitful, therefore more dangerous. They use people’s humanitarian impulses to destroy society. What is humane about telling children it’s okay to smoke pot, be promiscuous and abort their fetuses?

I ask those who consider themselves liberal: Was Clinton worth it? She was the supposed beacon of virtue that made you end friendships, get divorced or excommunicate your parents.

You worked yourself into a frenzy believing Trump is Hitler when there was no evidence he could run a lemonade stand, let alone a country.

Donald Trump isn’t the first person the left called racist. They said the same things about George W. Bush despite him winning 40 percent of the Latino vote and hiring African Americans such as Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell. They attacked Reagan even though his policies reduced Black unemployment. Richard Nixon should have been a liberal dream come true — he created the Environmental Protection Agency, supported single payer healthcare, raised taxes on the wealthy and even proposed a guaranteed income — but liberals ran him out of town because of their moral conscience.

There is no evidence that virtuous men make great presidents. Abe Lincoln was a racist but it didn’t stop him from freeing slaves, Harry Truman was once a Klansmen but he desegregated the military and Lyndon Johnson called the Civil Rights Act “the [N-word] bill,” but we all benefit from it. I don’t want to hear about racism when we had a Black president and have nothing to show for it.

I conclude that Trump is president because Washington is full of Puritans who do nothing but steal our money. Americans have had enough of politicians that take moral stands when they are some of the most perverted people on Earth. I don’t know what the answers are. I made my bed, so I will lie in it. I can’t go back home to liberalism so I hope Trump doesn’t betray me. In the words of Elvis Presley, I’m begging President Trump: “Don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true.”

P.S. Keep Jared Kushner and fire Steve Bannon.


Jeffery McNeil is a Vendor/Artist for Street Sense.