I wake up with the sound of the phone ringing Monday – Friday at 8 o’clock.  This is when my sisters are leaving for school and it’s time for me to get dressed for school.  I have no dad.  My mother leaves for work at 4:30 because she works an hour drive from home. I am eight.  I walk two blocks to school and that begins my day.

I wake up at the sound of my mother’s voice saying, “Wake up.  It’s 6 o’clock.”  I have to be at school at eight, but it takes an hour to get to school.  My dad leaves at 7 o’clock, my mom at 7:15.  I catch the bus. I am 13.

I wake at 6 o’clock by the sound of the alarm.  I rush to get dressed. I have to be at work at 7 o’clock.  After work I go to school at 12 o’clock.  I am on work study.  This is my last year of high school.  Two hours work at 5 p.m. Fours work before school and four hours to get my last two credits.  I am 17.

I wake up at 5 o’clock when I hear my mom and dad talking.  Mom is getting my things together for daycare along with my brother and sister who are in second and third grade.  We eat and dress and get in the car.  We drop off Dad, then my brother and sister.  I get to daycare at 8 o’clock.  I am 4.