Prince Harry and Meghan Markle going to church at Sandringham on Christmas Day 2017
Mark Jones / Flickr

I’m not a fan of royal weddings but I’m somewhat proud of Meghan Markle.  

She is a descendant of slaves. She came from a broken home and was divorced in racist America. Unlike Barack Obama, who did not suffer the black experience the way Ben Carson or Condoleezza Rice did, Markle is one of us.  

While she came from a broken home, she didn’t use that as an excuse to join a gang, deal drugs or become incarcerated. She experienced bigotry and hate but didn’t blame the system. When facing the adversity of divorce, she persevered and overcame it. Although she identifies herself as a feminist, her no-complaining, positivity and grit are traits of conservatism.  

Maybe Merkle’s story will wake some people up. Maybe they’ll realize their worldview is backwards and recognize criticism is a good thing. If you want good advice, talk to your enemies — they’ll tell you the truth. Your liberal allies have told you the deck is stacked against you. They say you can’t marry a prince, be an athlete or follow your dreams. Their negativity inhibits your potential and creativity.   

I truly believe there is no longer such a thing as racism. We don’t have segregated bathrooms anymore. No one’s trying to lynch you for dating a White women. A Black man can eat at Morton’s Steakhouse or get a suite at the Mayflower. He can move into any community if he has the money..If Starbucks or LA Fitness won’t let you use their restaurant or gym, start your own. No White man has to let you use their golf course or bowling alley. Learn how to build your own stuff instead of trying to take over someone else’s establishment.  

No one gives a damn about your situation. Boo hoo: you’re homeless, can’t find a job, your wife left you and the dog doesn’t like you. Welcome to life. Struggle is essential to the human condition. We all have stories of life in a crappy apartment, eating tuna fish and spam sandwiches. You’ll appreciate the hard times when you one day marry your prince or attain your goals.   

Pursuing excellence is a lonely path. You’ll find out who your friends are when you say you want to be president or a princess. My family had dreams for me but when I bucked them to pursue writing, they disapproved. I refused to live life through them. I’m the captain of my ship. If they don’t like it, they can go find another relative. Those that achieve anything worthwhile in life ignore these people and focus on their dreams. 

Meghan Markle is the best thing that’s happened to Leftism because she smashes all the myths and stereotypes that a Black person can’t be anything because of racism and oppression.  

Meghan Markle embodies the American Dream of triumph over adversity.  

Jeffery McNeil is a Street Sense Media vendor and artist.