Photo of a cigarettes, without a paper wrapper, broken in half
Photo courtesy of Marco Verch / flickr

When I was younger I was always around people that smoked so as an adult, I didn’t frown upon it, but I knew it wasn’t right. Even after losing family members, I still chose to smoke. I feel like cigarettes were the gateway drug that led me to marijuana. Luckily I was blessed to have enough sense to stop at marijuana while others started smoking dippers and popping pills. One of the worst habits to have is a cigarette habit because it affects your health and wallet. My habit was so bad I would walk just to buy singles if I couldn’t afford a pack, and it also made me have a terrible attitude which was very unhealthy.

Being homeless in the past made me want to smoke because I felt it was a relief instead of a silent killer. Once I got comfortable at my new place, I could no longer afford cigarettes because of the price and my income. Living alone and the change in price, as well as having to walk a long distance to get them, was the combination I used to stop.