Photograph of a little pink house.
Dave Kliman/ Flickr

Housing for the houseless-

Would you believe it is a human right?

For all on this Earth

The Lord of all

gave us this as our home,

to share and help each other,

to shelter one another,

for sleep at night.


Yes, the houseless on our home Earth

travel to and fro,

some with their young in tow.

Out on the streets, because

of some misdeeds and greed,

they have no house at night

to go.


They have no house to hear

that peaceful sound

when their keys turn the locks on the door.

To know they’re home

once more.


No threshold will the houseless cross

and take a glance

to see their things

just where they’re supposed to be.


No place do some have

that they can call “home base,”

that place where you plan

and daydream.

A home to rest your head.

Oh Lord, thank you for this home.


Housing for all

is the best way

to have that special place,

a room in your house

where you can sit

and let your worries wear away,

where they can listen to the beautiful sound

of little people at play.

A place where they can sit back, with no worries

about where they will lay

when night falls this day.

Homes, housing, homes-

the place where you pray,

thanking the Lord for making it home

safely another day.


The place where you call out to a loved one

just to say, “Baby, I’m home. What’s for dinner today?”


Homes, housing, homes-

together we can make it happen

for all, one day.


Lord, give us the will to make housing

a human right for all this day.


With those words said,

I hope the Affordable Housing Act

becomes a reality in your city soon.

Lord bless every one of you

for all the great work you do.