Pastor standing at front of church
Eric Falquero

On May 29th I went to Pastor Randolph C. Charles’ retirement party at Church of the Epiphany, 1326 G Street NW. I was sitting in the church’s courtyard. Some Street Sense customers brought me food as I waited for the event to start. The congregants looked SO nice as I watched them file into the sanctuary – the party was Mardi Gras themed.

I entered the church at 6 p.m. and sat in the back. Then someone told me to come a little closer to the front, so I came all the way to a front seat. We listened to the band. Then Pastor Randolph entered and spoke. Every seat was taken! When he finished, he asked everyone to get up and dance. So, I did that with Rachel and Rebecca.

Then it was time for dinner to be served. The room was decorated beautifully. Everything was bright and pretty and shiny. I ate and ate and ate until I was so full I could barely get up from my chair.

Just like the pastor, all of us one day are going to enjoy a good late life. So, hope on a dream that something better in life is ours for the asking.

Band playing at front of church

Eric Falquero

Couples dancing

Eric Falquero