Trees along a creek bank.

I no longer look at people on the street as bums or hopeless.  

I know they are homeless because of a lot of reasons. Some don’t know how to help themselves or are unable to cope with an injury, a mental illness or other issues. People experiencing homelessness aren’t bums, they are just people with problems. 

And those problems can be depressing, homelessness can feel hopeless. We need to help each other remember we are all beautiful. It is important to love yourself and learn to love the world. 

If you look around, there is a lot of beauty in this world: the trees, the flowers, water flowing, a baby being born and learning. They look good, smell good and give you an uplifted feeling. There are so many wonderful things about this world. 

When you think like this, you know you are a work of beauty because you are a part of this world. One of God’s wonders.