An illustration of a sign reading "Home is where the heart is."

A dwelling place,   

somewhere permanent for us  

individuals and families or tribes.   


A principle law the world gives   

to secure privacy, a place of shelter,  

refuge and a chance to get away.  


It is supposed to provide for sleeping,   

preparing food, eating and hygiene.   


A geographical area.   


All this, to describe something all life needs.   

These are essentials.  

They are security and they give a sense of security.   

To be able to dwell, sleep, eat, 

just lounge around,  

and so much more.  


Why doesn’t everyone have this?   

Is it really greed that drives over forty deaths a year,  

due to poverty in the nation’s capital?   

Emergency facilities are not a refuge. 


You can’t get away from anything.   

It is all there in the open and passed unwillingly.   

It is simple: What human beings need is the heart,  

that makes the essentials where it all is.