Illustration of Rosie the Riveter
David Serota

Sexual predators might see homeless women as easy targets, but that is not the case at all. These sick and cowardly individuals should anticipate more hassle than they have bargained for. More often than not, they underestimate their potential victims. More and more homeless women are not only standing up for their rights but are also if necessary physically fighting for their rights.

We homeless women want to let these good-for-nothings know that we will not be easy prey and we will use every means necessary in making sure that they will never have another opportunity to attempt to assault another homeless woman in the future. Ultimately we will let them know that homeless women are not victims but are STRONG (will physically fight), DETERMINED (to put predators behind bars) and are SURVIVORS (who are empowering other women in following our lead). These individuals should know that the next time they try something when it comes to homeless women they need to think twice and three times.

Several weeks ago a man attempted to assault me while I was resting. Once I realized that he was attempting to harm me, I responded in a loud voice. I yelled threats at him and informed him he was being recorded by surveillance cameras.

At that, the man immediately ran off. Now the incident is being investigated by a detective, and once this individual is identified charges will be pressed on him.

Though homelessness puts women in vulnerable situations, they are not out there for you to sexually assault them. And if you do, you can best believe that it doesn’t matter who you are, you will pay the price. Let me just remind you what you don’t have a right to do. You don’t have a right to verbally assault, physically assault, sociologically assault, spiritually assault or emotionally assault any homeless women who lives out there on the streets. So the next time you see a homeless woman, keep in mind that we are not defenseless but are capable of not only putting you behind bars but making sure that you stay there for a very long time.

You sexual predators are criminals who have no regard for anyone. But you will learn to have regard for the law, for the police, and especially for the court system because that will be your last stop before going to jail, you good-for-nothings.