Closeup of American football on field with yard lines.

Ouida Wright, who lives in a Wisconsin homeless shelter has won the chance to jet off to Dallas with her boyfriend to catch the Super Bowl. Wright, of Green Bay, Wis., won two tickets, hotel accommodations and travel expenses from the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau in a contest that involved uttering a secret phrase, “Have you been to Dallas lately?” to a “mystery man” walking around Green Bay, according to Fox 11 of Green Bay.

Wright said she and her boyfriend, Aaron, had “lost everything” and have been at a shelter for two months.

She learned about the contest when people began to ask the couple if they had been to Dallas. Wright decided to give it a try, and on her fourth query, she’d found the mystery man.

“I thought it was a joke,” she told Fox 11. “I’m homeless. Let’s face it. I thought he was just messing with me.”