Outreached Hands
Mark O'Rourke - Flickr

One of the nicest guys I know is losing his patience. He says he’s tired. Probably true. He has only been in a bed four nights since August. And a virus prompted that!

He burns the candle at both ends, most likely because he has no housing.

Estranged from the ones he loves, he focuses his compassion on a community that consistently denies him. He finds it emotionally draining.

This man took pride in his patience, tolerance, and people skills. Last night, in a moment of frustration, he posted that he was not “feeling social” and deactivated his Facebook account.

This homeless man knows only one letter separates him from becoming a hopeless man. When he sought much-needed encouragement from a support professional, a woman of accreditation, she shot down his dream.

No wonder he’s tired. But he isn’t apathetic.