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The diamond city
Feel the vibe
We get use’ta just gettin’ by  

How about crank da beat, dude?
Let it ride
Hands from side to side  

Wwwwhere ya from? Wwwwhere ya from?
Southside, Uptown
Northeast, Southwest  

Who gets down the best,
Better than all the rest?
Hold up, let me get it off my chest
Do it bother you we rock like this? 

We are the flesh and blood of this town
See how we hold it down
Mumbo sauce on my wings
‘Ay, give me the stomp down 

 Yeah, yeah, what? C’mon
Yeah, yeah, what? C’mon 

 This is our home
Where da go-go roam
You know I’m in da zone
Racism and hate, I want it gone 

 Do you feel me?
Feel me, G