Photo of MPD officers during a Black Lives Matter protest
MPD officers during a Black Lives Matter protest in D.C. Photo courtesy of Yash Mori // Wikimedia Commons

Police need to be held accountable. Their cowardly acts against young brothers are unacceptable. Look at Jacob Blake, shot in the back multiple times by an officer in Wisconsin and left paralyzed from the waist down. The officer, Rusten Sheskey, has yet to be charged.

Our whole system is a joke compared with other nations around the world. Judges, senators, prosecutors, and police take an oath that needs to be upheld to the fullest. In the United States — where you need to duck bullets from police in the hood, from Black-on-Black violence, from vigilantes — there’s not much of a life expectancy past your 20s.

Then there’s the 17-year-old murder suspect who shot at three people during the protests over what happened to Blake, killing two of them. How did he even get an assault weapon? Whether his parents helped him since he is under age or someone else sold it to him wrongfully or helped him obtain it illegally — they should be held accountable. And yes, the 17-year-old should be tried as an adult. May God have mercy on all of their souls.

I hope and pray that we finally get a new beginning in November. President Donald Trump had no business getting elected in the first place. The Republicans, Trump, and others have been saying we’re moving in the right direction with the economy. But we can see that’s not the case. Action with our votes is the way we can move this country forward.

I will probably mail my ballot in. I don’t trust Trump, the postmaster, or Facebook, and all these different platforms could affect the election.

The poor, the homeless, and the uninsured are among the most affected. I’m optimistic about November. We really need that fool out of the White House.