Here, friends is how handicapping poet Frederic John predicts the second leg of the Triple Crown will play out!

Once upon a full moon time

The Battery powered Rail bird

Dreamt of a Chrome Domed Ride

Which End eth in Triumph, but

Not with the Triple Crown,

In the Royal Sport, of

Thoroughbred Racing.

But Now, in this Age of Nyquist,

It’s a Vision, Not a Dream!

What vision, pray tell?

Why, An E-Bay, Crowd-Funder; A Sure

Gimme, Gimme: Worth its weight in Hay,

Dear Horse Man Horse Lady– It is

a Wedge of God-generated Peelings of Squash

(Butternut, yet, you gasp!)

In the streamlined Shape, of Nyquist’s Mane and

Nape! Yea, for Flying down the sandy stretch of

B-More’s Preakness Lane:

You shall view Anew,

Trailed by an Unworthy Mount such as Cherry Wine,

Aussome Won, or Lao-Bab! The showdown, just past High Noon;

Would cause Andrew beyer or even Gary Cooper’s Cowboy Ghost

To keel over in a Wounded Swoon!